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As gift boxes manufacturer and wholesaler,Gift Pack specialize in designing,manufacturing,stocking and wholesaling wide range of gift boxes,rigid boxes,foldable boxes.Those gift boxes,rigid boxes,retail boxes are made from various recyclable material,with different finishes,great for gift packaging and retail packaging. Gift Pack is your one-stop place to buy,create personalized,distinctive gift boxes to fit your end.From our blog, you can get detail information of our products,new design.

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Gift Pack specialize in manufacturing custom rigid boxes,foldable boxes and wholesale kraft gift boxes,foldable gift boxes and luxury gift boxes

silver color two piece kraft gift boxes from Gift Pack

This is silver color kraft gift box. Because it is rigid box, it has strong construction, and it has two piece with base and lift off lid–that is popular style of rigid gift boxes.

The advantage of kraft gift boxes is that kraft gift boxes are not only very strong, but also 100% recyclable and biodegradable, so kraft gift boxes are great as eco friendly packaging boxes and presentation boxes.

Gift Pack wholesale wide range of gift boxes, including various kraft gift boxes.

As Gift Pack, kraft gift boxes come in so many popular sizes and colors.

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Gift Pack wholesale rigid boxes

Rigid boxes, also known as set-up boxes, are premium packaging that is often associated with luxury products.  With most other types of packaging, you must assemble or fold the box prior to placing your product inside. Rigid boxes arrive already formed so there is no additional labor or equipment needed to use the packaging. Simply place your product inside and close the box! So rigid boxes are considered as the best  high end packaging choice.

Rigid boxes are made of heavyweight paper boxes (chipboard,greyboard),so rigid boxes  are much stronger than folding cartons and are typically four times thicker. Depending on your product and the packaging application, rigid boxes are typically strong enough to survive parcel shipment. Most companies still elect to put the rigid box inside of a shipping bag or over-pack box to protect the graphics.

Many high-end marketing kits are created by combining several different rigid box components along with a book cover. The result is a sturdy kit with excellent graphics that can survive most shipping environments.  

Products typically packaged in rigid boxes include cosmetics, medical devices, electronics, candy & confections, candles, jewelry, marketing items, apparel,personal care beauty products and other high-end consumer goods.

Rigid Box Design
Rigid boxes are constructed by cutting and forming a chipboard sheet (sometimes referred to as greyboard sheet), and then wrapping that formed structure with a plain or printed sheet of paper. The result is a robust box with high-end graphics that offers a great presentation and frustration free opening.

Since the box or tray structure is wrapped with a flat printed sheet, all embellishments and capabilities offered by the print industry can also be incorporated into your rigid box.

Want to take your rigid box to the next level? Consider adding lamination to the flat sheet prior to wrapping! Lamination can give your box unique properties such as soft-touch feel, high gloss look, or scuff proof durability.

Rigid boxes can be constructed in many different ways, but they generally consist of two parts: a lid and base.  However, the shape, size and function of rigid boxes can vary greatly depending on the product and purpose of the packaging. The base and lid can also be hinged together to give your packaging a different feel and opening experience.

As rigid boxes manufacturer, Gift Pack specialize in manufacturing custom rigid boxes with the best quality and at competitive price. At Gift Box Shop ,rigid boxes come in any size,shape and style including two piece rigid box,hinged lid rigid box,slipcase,neck box,shoulder box and more.

When you are looking for custom rigid boxes,below information will help you to choose right right boxes to fit your end.

Full Telescope Rigid Box
Full telescope rigid boxes are very common. Telescope refers to the way in which the rigid box is assembled. The lid of the box “telescopes” over the base of the box.

Full telescope means the lid fully telescopes the base. A thumb notch can be added to the lid to make opening the box easier.

When opened, the lid detaches from the base leaving you with two components.

This is the reason this style of rigid box also falls under the category of 2-Piece Rigid Box.

Partial Telescope Rigid Box
Partial telescope rigid boxes are similar to full telescope rigid boxes. The difference: the lid for the partial telescope rigid box only “telescopes” over part of the base of the box.

A thumb notch is less common in this style of box since its design makes it naturally easier to open. When opened, the lid detaches from the base leaving you with two components.

This is the reason this style of rigid box also falls under the category of 2-Piece Rigid Box.

Shoulder Rigid Box
Shoulder rigid boxes are a type of partial telescope rigid box. An additional tray is glued to the inside of the base that protrudes up past the top of the base. The protrusion creates a “neck” and the top edge of the base creates a “shoulder”.  

The additional tray can also be placed inside of the lid to give the box a different look while keeping the function the same.

Neck Reveal Shoulder Rigid Box
The neck can be extended so that it is visible even when the box is closed. This is often referred to as a “neck reveal” and can give the packaging a unique presentation and branding opportunity since the neck can be printed with the same graphics as the box.

Both of these designs consist of 3 components, and therefore falls under the packaging category of a 3-Piece Rigid Box.

Slipcase is the term used to describe a rigid base tray that slides into a sleeve or another rigid tray that is oriented differently. The result is a box that opens like a drawer.

This type of rigid box can give the custom a unique unboxing experience. The slipcase can also be used to store the product long-term as they are typically very durable and easy to open / close.

Hinged Flip Top Box
Hinged rigid boxes have the lid and base of the rigid box hinged together.

The construction consists of a rigid base tray with a flat chipboard sheet attached to the back of the tray. This style is also referred to as a cigar box.

In addition to packaging, this style of rigid box is often used for marketing and sales kits. The inside of the lid can be printed providing marketing real estate or additional space to tell your story.

Hinged Binder Book Box
Hinged binder book boxes are comprised of two components: a book cover and a rigid tray.

The rigid tray is glued to the book cover, which gives the box a book / binder look. The spine of the book cover can be attached to the tray or left unattached depending on the desired presentation and function of the packaging.

In addition to packaging, this style of rigid box is often used for marketing and sales kits. The inside of the lid can be printed providing marketing real estate or additional space to tell your story.

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Gift Box Shop Wholesale Custom Printed Rope Handle Kraft Bags

Kraft paper bags are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, kraft paper bags are perfect choice as eco friendly shopping bags and promotional bags.The advantage of kraft paper bags is that kraft paper bags are not only eco friendly, as green shopper for any business, but also are versatile enough, kraft paper bags are easy to customize coming in any size,color,shape with various styles. Such as twisted handle kraft bags and flat handle kraft bags have become high street products, you can find them everywhere at retail shop,gift shop,restaurant,even business events and exhibitions.

In the same time, as euro style bag, rope handle kraft paper bag is made of heavyweight kraft paper,with turn top and reinforced paper board, so rope handle kraft bag has more strong construction, it look more quality and luxurious, it can be used as luxurious eco friendly shopping bags and carrier bags. With custom printing, rope handle kraft bags can state more green message for business and convey high value products in eco friendly way.

Where to buy quality rope handle kraft bags with cheap pricing?

Gift Box Shop is good place. As paper bags manufacturer, Gift Box Shop specialize in manufacturing full range of kraft paper bags including brown kraft bags,white kraft bags,recycled kraft bags, those kraft bags at Gift Box Shop can be customized coming in any size and color with various styles. Rope handle kraft paper bag is main product of Gift Box Shop too.

Gift Box Shop offer wide range of heavyweight kraft paper to build bags by hand, and provide huge options of handles to fit on bags,options include pp rope handle,cotton rope handle,die cut handle,ribbon handle,twisted paper handle and more.

As experienced manufacturer,Gift Box Shop can print any color of your custom design on rope handle kraft bags to match pantone color or cmyk color.Importantly, there is no run limit for custom printed rope handle kraft bags

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Gift Pack Wholesale Luxury Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are great as colorful,stylish and functional packaging boxes and presentation boxes. Gift boxes have so many variety, when you are looking for premium and upscale packaging boxes and gift boxes,luxury gift boxes are the best choice.
Luxury gift boxes have so many characteristics that are the reason why we suggest you to choose them to package high value products and gift items.
luxury gift boxes have very strong construction. All luxury gift boxes are made of heavyweight paper board to build very strong construction, and strong boxes will add more quality feeling and offer good packaging protection
luxury gift boxes have elegant and luxurious looking and feeling, because as rigid boxes,luxury gift boxes can be wrapped by different paper such as texture paper,printed paper,kraft paper,foil paper,special paper to offer personalized surface looking and add more luxurious feeling.
luxury gift boxes are flexible to come in any size,color and shape to fit different ends and occasion. For example you can find luxury gift boxes coming in round shape,square shape,rectangle shape,oval shape,hexagon shape,heart shape and more.

As gift boxes manufacturer,Gift Pack design,manufacture and wholesale wide range of luxury gift boxes.
So at Gift Pack,  it is easy for you to choose rigid luxury gift boxes to meet your demand
1 Black color luxury gift boxes
those are black color luxury gift boxes, those luxury gift boxes are made of heavyweight paper board,covered boxes by texture paper with embossing pattern.
2 Luxury Gift Boxes With Neck Style
This is black color luxury gift box with neck style.This box is made of heavyweight paper board to build very strong construction, so box looks sturdy to add quality feeling. This box is wrapped by black paper with pattern on top lid
3 Luxury Gift Boxes With Window on Lid
Those luxury gift boxes are made of heavyweight paper board,and wrapped by printing paper with matt lamination, feature with clear window on top lid of boxes.

4 Glittery Luxury Gift Boxes
Those luxury gift boxes have glittery finishes, looking shinny,great as personalized gift boxes,presentation boxes.
5 Luxury Gift Boxes With Hologram Finishes
Those luxury gift boxes have hologram finishes, looking very shinny,funny and elegant, great as upscale packaging boxes.
6 Heart Shape Luxury Gift Boxes
Those gift boxes have heart shape, great for special events,those heart shape gift boxes come in 4 colors with 3 sizes

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