Collapsible Rigid Boxes

Collapsible rigid boxes have elegant looking,quality and luxurious feeling,but they have foldable construction,can fold into flat during storage and transport, and assemble into rigid boxes easily.The advantage of collapsible rigid boxes is that they combine folding boxes and rigid boxes into one package.As collapsible rigid boxes manufacturer,Gift Pack specialize in manufacturing collapsible rigid boxes,foldable rigid boxes,collapsible magnetic boxes coming in following specification:

1 Material :We provide quality and recyclable chipboard,paper board to build strong tray,paper board weight range from 800g,1000g,1200g to 2500g.

2 Wrapped Paper: We provide various wrapped paper to cover on tray as skin of collapsible rigid boxes,options include art paper,kraft paper,recycled kraft paper,foil paper,special paper with texture. It is easy to create personalized looking of collapsible rigid boxes.

wrapped paper for collapsible rigid boxes

3 Printing & Print Finishes: we can print any color of your logo and image on collapsible rigid boxes, we also can do hot stamping,embossing,spot uv varnish to print and highlight your logo on boxes.

print and finishes for collapsible rigid boxes

4 Size: custom made is available, we can manufacture collapsible rigid boxes coming in any size.

5 Quantity: no run limit. More boxes you want,Lower price you can get

6 Closure: we provide magnetic closure,ribbon closure and more.

7 Insert: we offer custom made foam for collapsible rigid boxes,including foam insert,die cut paper insert and more.

insert for collapsible rigid boxes

Custom Made Collapsible Rigid Boxes

collapsible rigid boxes with magnetic closure

4.1 Collapsible rigid boxes,it is made of 1200g paper board,covered by art paper with matt lamination,two colors printing,100% ink coverage,reversed white logo,folded on wall with magnetic closure.

collapsible rigid kraft boxes

4.2 Collapsible Kraft Rigid Boxes. It is foldable box, it is made of heavyweight paper board,covered by kraft paper,100% recyclable,with black color printing for custom logo,great as green and eco friendly gift boxes.

collapsible rigid boxes with ribbon closure

4.3 Collapsible Rigid Boxes. This is foldable rigid box, it is made of strong paper board,covered by art paper with matt lamination,.two colors printing for custom logo on top lid,ribbon closure.

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