Foldable Boxes | Foldable Rigid Boxes

 Foldable boxes are collapsible rigid boxes,they are made of heavyweight paper board for strong construction,wrapped by huge selections of paper with different printing and finishes.The advantage of foldable boxes it that they combine rigid boxes and folding boxes into one package--offer strong protection,elegant and luxurious looking and feeling,but flat in storage and transport to save space and freight.As foldable boxes manufacturer,Gift Pack specialize in manufacturing foldable boxes,foldable rigid boxes,collapsible rigid boxes,foldable retail boxes,foldable quality retail boxes coming in any size and color,with magnetic color,ribbon closure.Detail specification is in the below
  • made of heavyweight paper board to build strong construction,paper board weight range from 800g,100g,1200g,1500g to 2000g
  • huge selections of wrap paper to cover on paper board to bring different looking and feeling,popular wrap paper are art paper,kraft paper,special paper
wrapped paper options for foldable boxes
  • glossy lamination or matt lamination is available to choose for art paper
  • custom made,any size is available.We can make foldable rigid boxes as your size exactly
  • any color can be printed on foldable boxes for branding and marketing
  • hot stamping,embossing,uv spot varnish is available 
printing and print finish options for foldable boxes
  • closure methods include magnetic closure,ribbon closure,snap closure,velcro closure
  • short run is available,no minimum order quantity for custom made foldable boxes
  • guarantee high quality,cheap price,fast turnaround
  • custom insert is available,options include foam insert,die cut paper insert,EVC insert,satin with paper board insert
custom insert options for foldable boxes

Foldable Boxes With Folding Sideway Style

foldable rigid boxes
1.1 Custom made foldable rigid boxes,made of 1200g paper board,covered by 157g art paper with matt lamination,one pantone color printing for custom logo,ribbon closure.There are folding die cut line at wall ,and double face adhesive tape on bottom of box,when use,first pop up wall and glue with bottom of box to assemble into strong rigid boxes.  
collapsible rigid boxes
1.2 Collapsible Rigid Boxes,made of 1500g paper board,covered by matt laminated art paper with custom printing,100% ink coverage,folding in sideway with stickers,easy to assemble into rigid boxes when use,magnetic closure
foldable rigid retail boxes
1.3 Foldable Rigid Retail Boxes,made of 1200g paper board,covered by art paper with matt lamination,custom printing all over box,ribbon closure,folding in sideway with adhesive tape,easy to glue folded wall together to assemble into rigid boxes when use

Foldable Boxes With Folding Corners Style

quality foldable boxes
2.1 Foldable rigid gift boxes,made of 1500g paper board,very strong,covered by art paper with matt lamination,custom printing inside and outside for branding and marketing,die cut folding line at 4 corners and  double faced adhesive tape,when assemble into rigid boxes,it is easy to glue together firmly to build strong rigid boxes.Magnetic closure and ribbon closure are available to close box firmly.
foldable rigid retail boxes
2.2 Foldable Rigid Retail Boxes,made of heavyweight paper board,covered by art paper with matt lamination,full color printing,concealed magnetic closure,folding in corners with adhesive tape,coming in flat and easy to assemble into rigid boxes when use
quality luxury foldable retail gift boxes
2.3 Foldable Quality Retail Gift Boxes,made of strong paper board,covered by foil paper to add more quality and luxurious feel,custom logo printing,ribbon closure,folding at corners with stickers,easy to assemble into rigid gift boxes when use to package high value items
foldable kraft rigid boxes
2.4 Foldable Rigid Kraft Boxes,made of recycled paper board,covered by natural kraft paper,green feel,with custom logo printing,folding at corners,magnetic closure
collapsible rigid boxes
2.5 Collapsible Rigid Retail Boxes,made of 1200g paper board,covered by art paper with matt lamination,custom logo printing on lid,ribbon closure with die cut hole,folding at corners,coming in flat and easy to glue into rigid retail boxes when use

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Top Tips To Build Foldable Boxes

  • material:chipboard--from 800g to 3000g,popular option is 1200g
  • wrapped paper: art paper--great for printing;kraft paper--green option;special paper--personalized finish looking
  • printing:we can print any color of your logo and image on boxes
  • print finish:hot stamping,embossing,debossed,spot uv are popular ways to print and highlight your logo on box.
  • closure: magnetic,ribbon
  • construction:folded at corners;folded at sideway
  • quantity: short run is available
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