Paper Bags With Hot Stamping

Both foil stamping and hot stamping are cost effective ways to say what you want to say and say it with distinction. Stamping has its own unique look that printing cannot emulate. Stamping also adds flare for high-end products. Choose foils for a vibrant, sophisticated look. Choose non foils for a softer, more subtle style.

 What we can offer to produce luxury paper bags with hot stamping logo is in the below:

  • made of high quality coated paper such as art paper and card paper,wide paper grammage range,170g art paper,200g art paper,190g card paper,210g card paper are most popular paper grammage to build luxury paper bags with hot stamping logo
  • custom made sizes ( bespoke sizes) are available
  • reinforced paper board at top and base to add more strength,your luxury paper bags will become more sturdy than can be reused many times,your hot stamping logo can last long time to get the best advertising effect.
  • Huge handles selections including PP rope handles,cotton rope handles,die cut handles,ribbon handles,twisted paper handles,metallic handles,plastic pvc tube handles and more,most handles can match any color.For rope handles,any length is available. At Gift Box Shop,standard length of handles is 50 cm, and dia is 5 mm
  • Hot stamping can be upon white plain paper, or solid color or full colors printing background
luxury paper bags

Paper Bags With Embossing 

 Embossing and debossing are the processes of creating either raised or recessed relief images and designs in paper. An embossed pattern is raised against the background, while a debossed pattern is sunken into the surface of paper.Embossing logo or pattern is great way to highlight business brand,usually embossing is used together with hot stamping,uv spot varnish to get the best effect.With embossing logo,luxury paper bags look quality that can let customers feel confidence on your business. Gift Pack is specialist to do high quality luxury paper bags with embossing,hot stamping,uv spot varnish at great competitive price.

luxury paper bags with embossing

Paper Bags With SpotUV

A UV Varnish is a liquid coating that is applied to the surface of a sheet (available in Gloss, Matt and Silk finishes) which is then dried / cured under an ultra violet light.

Varnishing is one of the best methods available to greatly enhance the appearance of a printed sheet and after applying a UV varnish you can instantly see the difference. The vibrancy of any underlying colour will have dramatically increased, creating a great first impression and make your print or product more likely to be retained. It can also help protect the underlying print, acting as a physical barrier preventing additional set off and marking.

UV Varnishing is so popular in today print market that you can see its use and the value that is brings in every aspect of the industry. So whether its an overall coating or a spot effect that you are looking for make sure that you incorporate it into your print and get the most from this visually stunning technology.

Outlined below are just a few examples of where you will typically find Reflections varnish being used and the benefits available.UV spot varnish on logo is usually used together with embossing to get the best effect.

luxury paper bags with uv

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