Rigid Set Up Boxes | Custom Made Rigid Boxes

The advantage of rigid boxes--also call as set up boxes-- is that rigid boxes are available in any size and shape as your desire to fit any occasion or products,so rigid boxes come in many styles such as rigid boxes with lift-off lid,rigid boxes with flap lid,rigid boxes with hinged lid,slipcase,drawer styles and more. Gift Pack specialize in manufacturing custom made rigid boxes that are made by customer's specification exactly.
From Gift Pack,you can get full range of rigid boxes, set up boxes that are custom made,popular styles as below: tray,partial cover box,neck box,shoulder box, hinged lid neck boxes,hinged lid box,clamshell box,slipcase,tray with sleeve,flip top box,drawer boxes and more.
rigid boxes styles

1 Rigid boxes--Two Piece Styles With Lift-off lid

Custom made rigid boxes (set up boxes) with two piece lift-off lid are popular styles at retail packaging field.Those rigid boxes with lift-off lid are easy to open,available strong protection, and custom logos can be printed on lid for event,conference,gift-giving,or promotion,and it offer so many finishes process to highlight business brand on lid such as hot stamping,embossing,spot uv varnish and more. Gift Pack not only offer this styles custom made rigid boxes( set up boxes) but also offer different insert such as die cut card board,cut cut E flute board,foam,silk, to hold and protect packaging content. And those custom made rigid boxes with lift-off lid are available in any shape--round,square,rectangle,heart,star and any shape as your desire.

In fact two pieces rigid boxes have different constructions such as neck,shoulder:

Neck Boxes:Neck boxes are three-piece specialty boxes where the lid and bottom do not telescope, or overlap. They "kiss" together or never touch each other. The inner neck, which can be a set-up tray, a glued sleeve, or a platform, is glued or friction-locked into the bottom of the box. The inner neck's function is to guide and hold the lid in place when this box is closed.

Shoulder Boxes:Shoulder boxes are three-piece boxes, with a "shoulder" glued or friction-locked into the cover. Usually, the lid of a shoulder box is deeper than the bottom, and the shoulder prevents the bottom from pushing up into the lid. Candles, Perfume with weighted product packages well with this style.

1.1 Rigid Boxes With Lift-off lid and inserted foam--this custom made rigid boxes is made of 1200g paper board,covered by 157g art paper,matt lamination,inserted foam to protect gift items safely,coming in square shape and lift-off lid.
rigid boxes

1.2 rigid boxes with lift off lid,trapezoid shape,custom logo printed on lid for branding,covered by art paper with matt lamination,solid color background.  

1.3 Rigid Boxes With heart shape--luxury rigid gift box is made of 1500g paper board covered by 157g art paper,matt lamination,feature with gold edge to offer luxurious and elegant feeling.
shoulder boxes
1.4 shoulder boxes,with hot stamping logo,great as high value products packaging solution. 4GiftBoxes is specialist to do upscale rigid boxes


rigid boxes
1.5 Rigid boxes with Special shape--The advantage of rigid boxes is that they are available in any shape.So if you want unique shape gift boxes,rigid boxes are the best choice.With those special shape,rigid boxes can impress customer to get promotional purpose.
shoulder boxes

1.6 shoulder boxes,made of quality paper board,covered by matt laminated art paper,with full color printing ,100% ink coverage

rigid boxes with lift off lid
1.7 Custom Made Rigid boxes come in hexagon shape and lift-off lid,with form insert to protect china.Made of 1500 g paper board covered by colored art paper with matt lamination,very strong.Perfect choice as gift boxes for gift-giving. 
rigid boxes are available in any shape and size to fit products exactly
neck boxes

1.8 neck boxes.Made of quality paper board,covered by art paper with matt lamination,with printed custom logo.

2 Rigid Boxes With Hinged Lid

 Rigid boxes with hinged lid is another popular styles of custom rigid boxes. Adding a hinge can turn a standard rigid box(set up box) into a presentation.There are several styles of hinged available.Rigid boxes with hinged lid are perfect packaging choice for personal products,toy and gift products.In fact most common hinge on a hinged box is achieved by adhering the lid paper to the bottom of box.Rigid boxes with hinged lid is used when cover of box extends all the way down,or is full telescoping if extra strength is needed.Business image and information can be printed on internal lid to display,reflect carefully.

Paper Hinge The most common hinge on a hinged box is achieved by adhering the lid paper to the bottom of the box. Most often, this style of hinge is used when the cover of the box extends all the way down, or is full telescoping. If extra strength is needed, you may include a reinforcing strip of paper or tape on the inside of the box. Medical Devices, Bio-Tech and Stationary products are often packaged using this style.

Taped and Stitched Hinge Our strongest hinge for boxes is called a taped and stitched hinge. This style is made by stapling the cover to the bottom, then adding a piece of paper or tape to cover the staples. You can add a taped and stitched hinge to a box that has a short lid or a full telescoping lid. Medical Devices, Bio-Tech and Stationary products are often packaged using this style.

Three-Sided Cover Hinged Box Another hinge for a specialty box is called a three-sided cover hinge. Again, the lid paper is used to adhere the bottom to lid. However, the hinge point is different on a three-sided cover hinge than on a standard paper hinge box. Die cutting is often inevitably required when manufacturing this style hinged box. Wine, Beverages, Oils and Spirits are special when packaged using this style. 

rigid boxes with hinged lids

2.1 made of 2.5 mm paper board,very strong to protect product,this Rigid box with hinged lid and magnetic closure,with satin insert,lining printed paper,custom brand hot stamping on internal lid  

rigid boxes with hinged lid

2.2 this set up box is made of 3.0 mm thickness paper board,covered by printed art paper,hinged lid with magnetic closure.Hot stamping business brand and information on internal lid to display more information for products.Silk inner on die cut model to protect product.great as wine box

set up boxes with hinged lid

2.3 This is normal shape of set up boxes with hinged lid to hold gift items or products.Featured with satin insert on die cut paper platform.Made of 2.0 mm paper board covered by printed art paper with matt lamination,custom logo printed on lid for branding.

rigid boxes with hinged lid

2.4 This box is made of 1200g paper board,covered box by art paper with matt lamination,cmyk full color printing on outside and inside of box,.custom made die cut paper insert,hinged lid.

Clam Shell gift boxes

2.5 Clam shell gift boxes are one of hinged lid gift boxes whose hinged is at the bottom of boxes that can open easily to display  product. Gift Box Shop specialize in manufacturing clam shell boxes

rigid boxes with hinged lid

 2.6 rigid boxes with hinged lid,covered by art paper with matt lamination and full color printing,4GiftBoxes offer wide selection of insert for rigid boxes to hold products,options include die cut,cotton,foam,EVA,silk and more

rigid boxes with hinged lid,drawer

2.7 rigid boxes with hinged lid,drawer with ribbon pull,custom design is printed on inside lid to display business and products information when customers open box. 

hinged lid rigid boxes with foam insert

2.8 hinged lid rigid boxes with foam insert.Foam insert can be custom designed to fit any products exactly holding them firmly. Gift Box Shop specialize in manufacturing hinged lid rigid boxes coming in any size,color.and insert. 

3 Slipcase | Tray With Sleeve | Drawer Boxes

 Perfect for series and collections.a slipcase could house virtually anything, but it commonly holds manuals and software, or a series of CDs, tapes, magazines or books. Depending on the specifications and  size, Gift Pack can manufacture several different styles of  slipcases including book cover,drawer boxes coming in any size,color and finishes

drawer boxes

3.1 drawer boxes with ribbon pull,covered by art paper with glossy lamination,custom design printing. Gift Box Shop specialize in manufacturer drawer boxes coming in any size and color.

book cover

 3.2 book cover. Gift Box Shop offer wide range of book cover that are made of quality paper board,covered by different wrap paper,with custom logo printing.


3.3 slipcase,made of rigid paper board,covered by art paper with full color printing,great for promoting information

rigid boxes with hing lid and drawer

3.4 rigid boxes with hinged lid,drawer with ribbon pull,custom design printing,great as retail packaging for high value products. 

To emphasize your products and to adequately protect them,the rigid boxes ( set up boxes) are a great choice.The rigid boxes are synonym with prestige and elegance,rigid boxes( set up boxes provide a durable package for any products,they are a statement of quality.As gift boxes manufacturer,Gift Pack specialize in manufacturing custom rigid boxes ( set up boxes) to fit your products exactly and delivery them in high quality  for cosmetic packaging,special food,custom jewelry packaging,game sets and other gift items.

Custom made rigid boxes ( custom set up boxes) are made from quality paper board,covered by different paper with various finishes process to construct strong boxes to protect your products as well as  reflect your business.You can choose from wide range of covered paper,printing,finishes,closure to build a right rigid box.

4 Wrapped Paper Option For Custom Rigid Boxes

Wrap paper choice are infinite,Gift Pack stock various colors and styles at all times,wrap paper can be embossed or smooth,solid or patterned,matt or glossy

  • art paper: usually art paper is popular used to cover rigid boxes,because art paper can offer the best printing effect to display or promote business brand.Cosmetic boxes,wine boxes,or some corporate gifts boxes are used art paper as wrap paper with custom design printing.
  •  kraft paper: whether it is brown kraft paper or white kraft paper,it offer more natural feeling to state environment friendly message to customers
  • foil paper:foil paper offer elegance and depth.When your rigid boxes( set up boxes) need a glossy or stunning look,foil paper is perfect choice.
  • Special paper:the special paper offer different finishes result,they are colored to black,red,blue and more colors,with different textures finishes such as suede.metal or snakeskin. Gift Pack stock wide variety of special paper to fit different demand at wrap paper.
  •  embossed paper:whether you choose glossy or matt,you can have paper embossed,embossed paper is great choice for high-end products because it state more prestige and elegance message.Embossed pattern are various,linen,leather and ribbed are just a few of the hundreds of embossed pattern available, embossed wrap paper can take rigid boxes(set up boxes) from beautiful to exquisite. 
rigid boxes wrapped by foil paper

4.1 rigid boxes  wrapped by foil paper

rigid boxes

4.2 rigid boxes covered by embossed paper 

rigid boxes

4.3 rigid boxes covered by special paper 

rigid boxes

4.4 rigid boxes covered by art paper 

5 Printing & Finishes Process For Custom Rigid Boxes

 The purposes to make custom made rigid boxes are to fit products exactly as well as promote business brand,so Printing is key for custom made rigid boxes. Add a simple, one-color line art logo or a vibrant, four-color photographic image to your rigid box. Gift Pack offers offset printing, foil stamping,embossing for your custom made rigid boxes(set-up box), inside and out. Plus varnish, aqueous, UV coatings, and film lamination can be added if needed. The options for your box are limited only by your imagination.That can make your rigid boxes unique,distinctive to impress your customer.After use,those printed rigid boxes will become keepsake to remind customers what your business is.

5.1 Printing For Rigid Boxes 

 You can add graphics to your rigid boxes(set-up boxes) with conventional printing. One or two color line art on white or colored paper is most cost effective. But it's the rich, four-color process, photographic images(full color printing) on your box that will display your business perfectly and catches the consumers' eye.

rigid boxes with full color printing

5.1 hinged lid rigid boxes with magnetic closure,full color printing to display business information 

rigid boxes with custom logo

5.2 two pieces styles rigid boxes with lift off lid,custom logo printing 

5.2 Hot Stamping | Foil Stamping 

 Add a look of distinction to your rigid boxes(set up boxes) with foil stamping. With foil stamping, you can achieve a brilliance that cannot be duplicated with ink. A wide spectrum of matte, gloss, metallic, or holographic foils are available. Combine the perfect foil color with one of thousands of colored, patterned or theme papers to achieve a look that fits your corporate image.

book cover with hot stamping logo

6.1 book cover with hot stamping,more luxurious feeling 

rigid boxes with hot stamping logo

6.2 rigid boxes,with lift off lid,hot stamping logo,glossy lamination,black color lining. 

Embossing | Embossed | UV | Texture--Finishes Options For Rigid Boxes 

Through embossing or embossed, Gift Pack can add texture by raising your graphics off your box. You can add any pigmented or shiny foil stamping on top of the embossing, or keep it "blind" for a classic, elegant appearance. Blind embossing is the creation of a raised image that is not foil stamped, and the resulting raised image is the same color as the paper. Create a picture through texture with blind embossing. Embossing your box will add value and class.

You can add a layer of protection or a gloss or matte finish to your rigid box by coating the printed wrap. Choices of coatings include varnish, aqueous, UV or film lamination. For simple logos, varnish often adds enough extra protection to prevent the printing from rubbing off your rigid boxes.And some finishes process also can highlight business brand or pattern or add more luxurious feeling ,At Gift Pack,finishes options include spot uv varnish,texture and more. Usually those finishes process will be used together with hot stamping,embossing to get the best effect.

rigid boxes with embossing logo

7.1 rigid boxes,shoulder styles,lift off lid,with embossed logo 

rigid boxes with texture

7.2 rigid boxes with texture finishes and hinged lid 

rigid boxes with uv logo

7.3 rigid boxes with uv logo 

rigid boxes with uv and embossing logo

7.4 luxury gift boxes with uv + embossing logo 

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Gift Pack has more than 10 years  of experience in the  packaging industry. As a reputable manufacturer of  custom set-up boxes,rigid boxes, specialty boxes,  and folding boxes, we offer the full range of  graphics capabilities and  finishing operations to help your product break  through the retail clutter.  We'll save you valuable time, space and money  with our innovative warehousing programs. Whether you're  a manufacturer looking  for a quality chipboard carton, or an ad agency  with a unique idea for  a gift box, we'll put the  power of packaging to  work for you.

Good packages come in all sizes. quality rigid  boxes are a Gift Pack specialty. Consisting of a non-collapsible bottom and cover, typical examples of this style of box are candy boxes,  cosmetic boxes and jewelry boxes. Whether you're  considering a custom box manufactured to your  existing design and specifications, or looking  for creative and strategic solutions to  your packaging needs, rely on Gift Pack  to deliver your next project on time,  within budget, beautifully. As experts  in packaging consultation, we'll be  glad to help you design a package  that puts your product in  its best light. What we can do rigid box is in the following:
Elegant Foils
If you’d like a luxurious alternative to our colored paper boxes, consider a brilliant foil.
Embossing & Debossing
We can emboss or deboss your package, with color or blind, for a classic, elegant appearance.
From simple, one-color line art to vibrant, full color photographic images, we offer letterpress, offset and process printing capabilities for your box,  inside or out. Plus aqueous or UV coating and film  laminating, if desired.
We stock a variety of board ranging from .030” to .100” thick. Specialty coatings offer extra protection from moisture, water  
and oil. We also work with custom materials, such as vinyl and leather.
Thousands of colored,  patterned and  theme papers  are in stock,  for a custom  look without  the custom price. Substrates We stock a variety of board ranging from .030” to .100” thick. Specialty coatings offer extra protection from moisture, water  
and oil. We also work with custom materials, such as vinyl and leather. Small Boxes If good things come in small packages,  Gift Pack can manufacture small set-up boxes  as little as 1 x 1 x 1" with the  paper wrap of your choice. Deep Boxes Is your product extra big? Gift Pack can  manufacture boxes as large as 35” x  35” x 15".
Foil Stamping
Add a look of distinction to your package with a foil-stamped design, available on a  wide spectrum of gloss- and matte-colored  finishes and foils
Specialty Boxes
Specialty boxes as unique as your product or application. when you work with Gift Pack, the possibilities of sizes, shapes,  materials and graphics for your package are as endless as  your imagination. In addition to custom set-up boxes,  Gift Pack also manufactures specialty  boxes, for packaging that's as unique as your product. A specialty box may have a  hinged lid, fabric covering or  different shape. Different materials and styles  of inserts are also  available to enhance  the presentation and protection of your  product. Contract packaging,  warehousing and shipping  are available to help you  simplify the manufacturing & distribution process
Hinged Lid Boxes
A hinged lid enhances the value of a product. It also creates extra impact  when there's a special message to be  presented, such as with a unique direct  mail project or creative sales kit. Hinges  may be paper, metal, stitched or taped.
Box Inserts
Gift Pack offer several insert styles to  suit your specific  presentation — each available in a  spectrum of colors to complement your product. Insert  types can even be combined to create  unusual packaging  effects
① Foam Inserts
Foam inserts are great where extreme protection is a must.
② Vacuum-Formed Inserts
This type of insert is perfect when products have complex shapes or are very small, or when several  products are presented in one package. Vacuum formed inserts are available in a wide range of colors,  with or without flocking
③ Die-Cut Inserts
A die-cut insert features a recess composed of chipboard. The insert can be wrapped in colored, printed, velour or foil paper.
Book Boxes
For video tapes or CD's, book boxes make a great presentation.
Custom Slipcases
Perfect for series and collections. A slipcase could house virtually anything, but it commonly holds manuals and software, or a series of CDs, tapes, magazines or books. Depending on the specifications and  size, Gift Pack can manufacture several different styles of  slipcases. As with boxes, many of our manufacturing and finishing operations can be used and  combined for a presentation that’s truly unique.

Performance without Limits.
At Gift Pack, we'll save you space, time and money. So there are no limits to the levels of packaging performance  you can achieve. Small and Large Runs. We don't require minimum orders. Of course, the larger the  quantity, the lower the price, but with no minimums, you  have the opportunity to decide what quantity and price works  best for your company.